Founded in 1971, today Zatel is one of the leading die casting companies of Turkey with an annual production of millions of machinery parts amounting to 4000 tons. Zatel is among the top 5 manufacturers in Turkey in terms of production capacity. The company received ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001 quality certificates from TUV Nord. It offers premium products not only to the Turkish local market but also to European automotive and home appliance industry.

In 2008, Zatel moved to its new plant in TOSB-TAYSAD Industrial Zone with a closed area of approximately 15.000 m². This new foundry serves as the main production facility of the company.


Aluminum alloys are known as one of the most traditional applications of die casting method. High mechanical strength, durability, corrosion resistance as well as decorative surface treatment capabilities such as oven dyeing, anodizing and chrome plating make aluminum die casting products optimum components for white goods, automotive and electromechanical industries.

ZATEL is one of the leading suppliers of aluminum die casting products in Turkey. Please click to see our product range.


Quality Policy

We are committed to follow the developments in our industries and reach a sustainable quality level to meet and go beyond the quality expectations of our customers. To reach this goal, we train our employees at every production stage and adopt technological developments to our system. We believe that the suppliers are a part of the system and the business of the customers and both parties should act together in consideration of the environment and the society. Therefore, we purchase raw materials and services from certified and reliable suppliers/partners, focusing on service quality and customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System

We apply the latest quality standards with advanced quality planning and test methods at every stage of production. Our ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates issued by TUV Nord and customer feedback support Zatel’s quality policy.