A leading die caster of Turkey founded 1971 with 4000 tonnes of annual consumption and millions of parts are being produced per year. Zatel Press belongs to the top 5 of Turkish die casters. With ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified by TUV Nord as a main manufacturing plant. Zatel is one of the major partners nor for only domestic market also for European automotive and home appliance industry.

In 2008 Zatel has broaden its core activities in a new built foundry located in TOSB-TAYSAD Industrial Zone with approximately 15.000 m² closed area. This new foundry became the main manufacturing plant of zatel press.


Alüminyum alaşımları basınçlı döküm yönteminin uygulandığı en geleneksel uygulama alanlarından biridir. Yüksek mekanik mukavemet, dayanıklılık, korozyon direnci ve fırın boyama, eloksallama, krom kaplama gibi dekoratif yüzey işlem özelliklerine sahip olması, alüminyum basınçlı döküm ürünlerini beyaz eşya, otomotiv, elektromekanik endüstrisi gibi alanlarda en uygun bileşen yapmaktadır.

ZATEL, alüminyum basınçlı döküm ürünlerinde Türkiye’deki en önemli tedarikçilerden biridir. Daha fazla çeşit görmek için tıklayın.


Quality Policy

We are concentrated to save the existing quality levels and implement continious improvements - developments of the industries we serve and finally to meet all the quality standards of our customers with full satisfaction.To follow the technological developments and adapt them to our system and introduces our employees for a better quality in every step of the production.To consider the suppliers as a part of the system, a partner of the work and act all together with the consciousness of the responsibility to the enviroement and society. To purchase the goods and services from certified and reliable suppliers/partners which focused in customer satisfaction and qualified service.

Quality Management System

According to the news standarts supported by concentration on advanced quality planning and testing techniques which are applied through the series of production. Our ISO TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications by TUV Nord and results of completed customr audits confirm Zatel's policy for quality.